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Is A Pharmd Worth It

level 1 Imaginary-Frame-2732 · 18 days ago Not a grad, but I can assure you that PharmD is definitely going to allow you to go into non-traditional pharmacy roles (the reason I am pursuing one myself). Every school is different but the PharmD degree usually stays the same throughout most schools. 3 level 1 Time2Nguyen · 17 days ago asking bc my pharm school offers it but idk if it would help me get into non-traditional roles in pharmacy. my school also pharmd/mba and. I'm a post PharmD getting a PhD and damn right I think it's worth it; but your mileage may vary.

Answer the question yourself: get involved in research now, find an topic about which you are passionate and pursue it. But: Remember that you will not be "clinical" if you go after a PhD and make that your career focus.

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